Caleb at Eighteen Months Old

Caleb is now eighteen months old! Caleb is such a sweet boy. And crazy, funny, demanding, loving, needy, hangry, and easy-going. He runs around and chases after the big kids as much as possible. He gives the biggest open mouth teethy kisses. Caleb can give you a slap across the face that you will not soon forget, all in love and silliness, of course (but it still hurts and we discourage it.)Caleb is a mini-Jacob. And we do mean mini. He is 30.5″ in height and weighs 21lb 2oz. Only the Lord knows how we genetically produced a child in the 6th percentile for height and 12th for weight. We’re happy to know he is healthy in all areas and there is no cause for concern with our itty bitty boy.Caleb loves swinging and going down slides at the playground. He picks up the trash he finds and hands it to a parent, usually after licking it. Caleb sings and can match pitch! He “talks” all the time and is very emphatic. He nods his head and grunts “uh” for yes. He can say Dada, Mama, no, cheese, please and all done. When he bellows at you in a foghorn level voice that means he’s thirsty and wants you to hand him his water. The foghorn does not stop until the water is attained.Caleb likes to eat all kinds of food but he especially enjoys hummus, any kind of pasta, string cheese and bananas. His favorite snacks include veggie straws, granola bars and popcorn.Caleb adores his older brother and sister. He and Zach are starting to play and interact more every day. We hear lots of giggling coming from their room at night. Zach is getting better at making Caleb laugh and sharing toys with him. Evelyn continues to treat him like her own baby and is quite good at rescuing him from ledges or other places he has wedged himself in.Caleb’s naughtiness comes out in throwing food from his tray at every meal. He also loves to play in the toilet water and toss in the battery-operated trains. He certainly does not let go when he’s got a fistful of hair. He has also been known to chuck whatever small or large object he is holding at another person’s head. This does not feel good for the receiver of the object. Overall, he’s a very well-behaved kid for his age. Though he and his brother put together without Evelyn to report on them can cause exponential trouble. I learned that lesson this last week when Evelyn was gone and the boys got into all manner of mischief (e.g. Playing in used cat litter and spreading it like confetti.)Caleb is always happy to wake up and he gives excellent hugs. He enjoys reading short books and sitting on our laps. Caleb loves being thrown in the air and hanging upside down. He laughs wildly when his tummy is tickled. He makes other smiles with his big blue eyes wherever he goes.We love you, Caleb!


Zachariah At Three Years Old

Zachariah Daniel is turning three years old! What a crazy, sweet, silly and strong boy he has become. He has so much fun with trains, planes, cars, trucks, etc. Anytime he draws or paints he always tells us that it is a bulldozer. He can name all the construction trucks that we drive past on the road. Zach loves watching all shows involving trucks and trains. He often pretends that he is an Octonaut and is playing with Quasi and Peso. He loves all Curious George stories and movies. That silly monkey makes Zachariah laugh and laugh. Zachariah loves reading books and will sit for long periods of time! He eats very little, aside from the jellybeans he receives each time he goes potty. He has made great strides in the bathroom zone and we hope in another six months we will have smooth sailing. Zach loves running, especially when he’s chasing his big sister. He runs down sidewalks, around the yard, through the house. He excels in brushing his teeth and allowing Jacob or me to brush his teeth also. Zachariah has challenged us as parents at times. We are continually learning about who he is and how to bring him up in a good and godly way. He has some extra struggles with emotional management and sensory input, but we are so proud of the ways he has learned to communicate and problem solve with us during frustrating moments. Zachariah is such an amazing member of our family and we are excited to see how he grows this year and how he likes preschool and swimming lessons. We love you tons and tons, Zachariah Daniel!The answers were ascertained by handing him a chocolate chip for each response. He very much enjoyed the chocolate question game. What is your favorite color? red
What is your favorite food? red food, more food; chocolate
What is your favorite thing to do outside? play
What is your favorite thing to do inside? outside
Who are some of your friends? Eli and me. We were pretending we were dragons.
What is your favorite book? Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
What is your favorite movie? Curious George
What makes you happy? Chuggington
What makes you sad? ‘Cause I don’t get to watch Chuggington
What do you want to be when you grow up? a superhero cape
What is your favorite song? Jesus Loves Me
What is your favorite animal? giraffe
What’s something you’re really good at? at being an animal
What’s something you’re not good at? chocolate
What is love? that means love
Who loves you? Mommy, Eli and Jack
What is something Mama tells you a lot? time to go for naptime
What is something Dad tells you a lot? time to go to naptime again
What is your favorite place to go? to church
What do you like about Evelyn? I love her as an elephant
What do you like about Caleb? I do like Caleb
What do you like about Daddy? I like Daddy
What do you like about Mommy? I like Mom

The birth story of my new…labrum

First of all, let’s get this whole labrum thing defined, because frankly, it’s a weird and uncomfortable word to say out loud in conversation. Guess what? You all have a hip labrum too! “The acetabular labrum is a ring of cartilage that surrounds the acetabulum of the hip. The anterior portion is most vulnerable when the labrum tears.” This is another helpful description: “A hip labral tear involves the ring of cartilage (labrum) that follows the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint. In addition to cushioning the hip joint, the labrum acts like a rubber seal or gasket to help hold the ball at the top of your thighbone securely within your hip socket.”

When your hip labrum gets damaged or torn/frayed, really bad things happen. The hip socket becomes inflamed and the muscles and tissue all around the hip and groin are in constant pain. It is very unfortunate that once the labrum is torn it cannot heal on its own.

“What did you do to yourself?”
Succint Version: I had an anatomical predisposition to a labral tear due to an over-rotation of the hip socket. The bone positioning (possibly caused from and) combined with back-to-back pregnancies, running for a half marathon and breastfeeding kept my body from a period of rest and led to major irreversible hip damage during my third pregnancy.

Longer Timeline Explanation:
Allison got pregnant. Allison gave birth to Zachariah, June 2014.

Allison started training for the half marathon in 2015. She felt great, trained well, and lost lots of pregnancy weight.

Allison took a pregnancy test in April 2015 near the end of her training. It was shockingly positive.

Allison ran the half-marathon a couple weeks later and PR-ed. She felt great. She was healthy.

Fast forward to September 2015. Allison had signed up for the 5-mile Buffalo Run in Lincoln. She was six months pregnant. She ran it very slowly. Her hips felt great.

Here’s where things start to get ugly. Allison continued into her third trimester and her right hip/groin started hurting. It got worse, and worse, and worse. The night before Caleb’s scheduled water induction she was barely walking and distinctly remembers getting a couple things from Target and basically dragging her right leg behind her massively pregnant self.

I will now exit from this exciting third-person perspective.

Jacob and I thought that all the pain would go away after birthing Caleb in January 2016. Getting him out and relieving that enormous weight and pressure did help a lot. It went back to hurting badly but I could walk again.

We moved to Omaha in April 2016. There was a lot going on in our lives, to say the least. Over the next several months I sought out therapeutic treatment and nothing helped. I started with a chiropractor, then a physical therapist, then a pelvic physical therapist, then a physiatrist. The physiatrist saw me a couple times before he walked me next door to the orthopaedic surgeon. And that is where the line of doctors ended. The orthopaedic surgeon looked at my MRI, took new x-rays, read my reports and determined within a minute that I had a labral tear and would need arthroscopic surgery. We would not know until the surgery was happening whether it would be a labral repair or labral reconstruction.

On March 27, 2017, my daughter’s fifth birthday, I went in for arthroscopic hip surgery. I was under for about 3 hours. I woke up in extreme pain and felt like my body had been sawed in half. Whatever pain medication they gave me before the surgery was nowhere near enough. I was so thirsty. I must have had my mouth open with the breathing tube the entire time. My lip was fat and sore. After waking up they wheeled my bed to the recovery room. I was to move from the bed to the recliner chair with help. I was shaking in pain but the nurses called me a ” determined patient” and “tough cookie” and helped me over. I met Jacob in the room and he told me that I had labral reconstruction. Crap. That meant more pain upfront and a longer recovery and time on crutches. Perfect for my life with three little kids…
I ate a bagel and then attempted to go the bathroom. I puked. Somehow I got myself kneeling on the floor and to the toilet. I have really no idea how I did that in my condition. The nurse and Jacob helped me back to the room to get dressed. I asked for privacy for a couple minutes and then sobbed with my sweet husband because I was in so much pain.

We eventually got on our way home. I felt awful. I puked again, this time in a doggie bag the nurses had provided. The first two nights I set alarms on my phone to wake up and take oxycodone. After that I weaned off and switched to ibuprofen. I hate how narcotics make me feel sick and dizzy. I would rather have pain.

I saw pictures of the inside of my hip joint at my 2 week post op appointment. It was gross and fascinating. The labrum was a frayed mess. The hip socket was covered in red patches of inflamed bone. In my husband’s teasing words, “At least now we know you weren’t making the whole thing up!” The surgeon’s PA told me about the bones of the hip socket and ball that were shaved so they don’t have a chance of rubbing again. My new labrum was created from cadaver tissue. It looked very tidy.

Fast forward to 4 weeks post op. I still have more pain today than I did before surgery. My leg has gotten stronger but my range of motion is quite limited. It’s come a long way though from being dead weight. I could barely even step into our shower the first couple weeks. I go to physical therapy at 6:30am three times a week. The activity causes pain but it’s also ensuring that I become more flexible and stronger. The tissue massage and electrical stimulation are soothing. The hip and surrounding muscles have to relearn how to function again. I still use one crutch in the home. I can’t carry Caleb around. He’s 15 months old and quite mad about the whole event.

When will you feel better?
– the intense pain should be better in a couple more weeks (6 weeks post op)
– it will not feel “normal” for six months.
– it will not be fully healed for one year.

When will you be off crutches?
When I can walk without a limp or pain. It’s not a matter of specific days you have to wait, it just depends on how quickly the hip socket and labrum heal. There is still a lot of fluid build-up and inflammation because of all the trauma to the area during surgery.

How many times a week do you go to physical therapy/how is physical therapy going?
I drive myself a short distance to physical therapy 2-3x a week at 6:30am. That timing assures there is no need for childcare since Jacob is still home in the morning. Physical therapy helps strengthen and my hip and increase range of motion. It hurts.

Can you get pregnant again?
Yes, in 6-12 months it would be safe to be pregnant again and the damage should not repeat because of the bones that were shaved. That said, future pregnancies are not on our calendar at this point. I’ve been in pain for almost 20 months now from this pregnancy-induced injury and the chance of messing this recovery up is slightly terrifying.

What has the doctor said?
You’re going to hurt for a long time! We really beat you up in there. – Surgeon
I would rather have my hip or knee replaced than the surgery you had. – PT
Four weeks out of surgery is like day 2 for pain recovery. It’s still really fresh. For you to be off of pain meds (narcotics) is amazing. You are tough. – PT
Motion is lotion. But don’t do too much. – PT
The numbness you feel will turn to pins and needles next. That’s the nerves waking up. – PA
You should feel great in a year. – PA
You are a conundrum. Your body is the perfect storm. – Pelvic Therapist, before surgery
Can I see your hip pictures? I would love to look at it as an example of the people who we try to help and don’t progress. (The unlucky 10%) – Chiropractor, after surgery
Are you healed yet? – husband, after every PT appointment

I’d like to express a HUGE thank you to all our friends and family who have helped us out these many weeks. We are so appreciative of all the time and food you’ve given us while I am on the mend. We could not have done this without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Evelyn at Five Years Old

We love our beautiful Evelyn so very much. She is such a delight. I am not even kidding. Yes, she’s a child who has her fair share of irrational tantrums and such, but she is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known. She sings all the time. She makes up words and/or tunes. She is constantly using her imagination to interact with everything around her. The grapes (or anything in sight) become Mommy, Daddy and the babies. She frequently walks around the house talking to imaginary friends. I have not heard specific names lately. I believe it’s a mixture of animals, princesses, and whatever else is on her mind. She is completely girly girly girly. She loves princess movies, stories, dresses, etc. She gets home from school and puts on a princess dress, swimsuit, or leotard and tutu nearly every day. Her brothers adore her. Zach follows her around and mostly obeys her commands when playing together. Caleb loves playing with Evelyn every afternoon in her room. He giggles at her silliness and lets her dress him in ridiculous clothes and put clips in his hair. She can be a very good helper when taking care of him by bringing his milk, snacks, or diapers to me. Evelyn goes to preschool at Golden Hills Elementary School four mornings a week. She has a wonderful teacher and gets to work on her social skills and learn new things all the time. We love her class and are excited for her to attend kindergarten there in the fall. And I cannot neglect mentioning that our dear Evelyn is such a book lover just like her Daddy. She can “read” by herself for long periods of time and wants to bring home every book from the library. I’m so glad she inherited this quality and I hope she is a lifelong reader. What is your favorite color? yellow, and pink and purple and blue, all the colors and white
What is your favorite food? spaghetti that I can suck up with my tongue
What is your favorite thing to do outside? play with my bike in the summertime
What is your favorite thing to do inside? draw pictures and count
Who are some of your friends? Emilie and Travis and Emiliano, I think Claire, Lily, not Travis and Xena
What is your favorite book? Peter Pan
What is your favorite movie? Peter Pan
What makes you happy? hug and kisses
What makes you sad? Zach biting me
What do you want to be when you grow up? a nurse
What is your favorite song? Aurora “I Know You” and Ariel “Under the Sea”
What is your favorite animal? ponies
What’s something you’re really good at? making pictures and making get well cards
What’s something you’re not good at? by making superhero capes. It would be hard because I don’t know how to get the shape of a WonderWoman cape.
What is love? by dancing and getting married and having cake and having a wedding
Who loves you? God and Jesus
What is something Mama tells you a lot? not leaving my lamp on and wasting it. Clean up my room after naptime.
What is something Dad tells you a lot? Time for pajamas
What is your favorite place to go? Cousin Clara’s house
What do you like about Zach? he likes princesses too
What do you like about Caleb? he was so cute when he came out at the hospital and I got to hold him
What do you like about Daddy? he likes doing tummy time
What do you like about Mommy? having you read me a story and having these pictures in my room and I love how you hug me, and that’s all of my things.

Caleb at Twelve Months Old

Oh, this kid. We love him, strange quirks and all. His smile is contagious and making him giggle as much as possible is a daily priority. He is a jovial and fun dude and our family is so grateful for him. We love you, Caleb! Happy First Birthday!img_8520At twelve months old, Caleb:
– weighs 19lb 14oz (10th); length 29″ (25th); head 18″ (25th)
– wears 12 month clothes
– sleeps 8pm-7:30am, usually. He occasionally wakes in the night and requires some cuddling.
– eats well and loves all food we give him. img_8609– crawls quite fast now.
– cruises everywhere. He can pull himself up on any furniture using his hands and head/face. The way babies bend their feet when they’re standing up from a kneeling position is so unique.
– walks while holding hands with an adult. He can walk short distances while only holding one hand but gets angry from all the balancing energy.
– has 12 teeth and it looks like the canines are probably coming next.
– loves playing with balls. He got several at Christmas and now chases them around the room.
– shrieks and squeals when he’s excited and when he’s playing. It’s very sweet, and very fun to see him playing with his older siblings. img_8614– does climb up 3-4 stairs at a time, before either tumbling backward or sliding down on his belly. I’m so glad he’s starting to figure out how to come back down.
– despises being put in his car seat, but calms down once we’re moving
– rocks his head and does a little dance when he hears music. It’s completely adorable.
– adores bath time. The splashing, running water, toys. He loves it.
– sometimes reads his bath time books in his bed when he’s woken up in the morning or after a nap. They’re chew-proof and perfect for his drooling and sharp teeth!
– plays for long periods of time alone. He loves opening drawers and doors in the play area and was enamored with the toy manger we had that lit up and played Away in a Manger. img_8505– chews on everything. He loves the coins from the cash register he got for Christmas and sucking on the plastic mallets from a small xylophone.
– says Mama and babbles a lot. He often gives a speech at the end of his meals.
– chases the cats around the house or off the master bed if I set him down to say hi to them.
– constantly moves around and explores his environment img_8561– is a hugger.
– bruises his head almost every day because he runs into things or tips over and bumps it. And he has a brother who sometimes pushes him over and he falls into bookshelves. We’re working on that.
– wants to pull or chew on all cords within his reach. The lamp cords are blocked by furniture, but he still tries to get to them. He has pulled down the small floor lamp that we have in our room several times. It’s falling apart now.
– definitely has a little temper. He bites when he’s tired or wants attention. I have bruises on my arms to prove it. But he is usually easy to calm down. I’m grateful for that.
– stayed with his grandparents in Hastings for several days while Jacob and I traveled alone. He did really well, and was very happy to see us return. file_003-14file_004-5file_000-14file_001-18file_002-11img_8577img_8549img_8534img_8543img_8610

Caleb at Eleven Months Old

file_003-9At eleven months old, Caleb
– weighs 19lb (5th percentile)
– is 27″ in length (5th percentile)
– wears 12 month clothing, though the pants get rolled up, and size 4 diapers
– sleeps 8pm-7am and naps 9:30-10:30am and 2-4:30pm
– has 5 bottles a day and eats three solid meals, though lots of the food he shovels ends up in his lap.file_000-21– loves that he can say Mama. He also says a lot of bah bah, yah yah, ahhhh, ooohhhhhh. He has yet to say Dada but we are trying to get that sound to come.
– has 12 teeth and hopefully can take a break cutting them for awhile
– can pull himself up to a standing position on certain furniture
– crawls all over now and can go up one step to another level
– can walk with the help of a walker or laundry basket
– thankfully has not started climbing multiple stairs
– is starting to have more positive interactions with Zachariah, his older brother. file_000-13– loves eating rotini pasta with red sauce or butter.
– cries when he gets strapped in the car seat but is usually calm once we’re driving
– is delighted to play in the bath tub and hold toys under the running water
– loves playing with balls and toys with doors or lights and music
– he gives slobbery cheek kisses still, and sometimes those turn into cheek bites. I have bruises all over my arms from when he comes up and bites me for fun. Ouch. file_001-12– likes to read books with texture and bright pictures
– longs to pet/grab the cats
– had fun at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. He followed his Dad into a gopher hole. It was pretty cute. And impressive that Jacob fit in there.
– has a very special relationship with his taggie blankets. He pets them and chews on them when he falls alseep in bed or is in the car. Along with that he does this loud groaning thing. And sometimes he pets his taggie and groans when he is asleep! It’s hilarious, weird and adorable. file_001-19– is getting more used to spending time in the church nursery
– sticks his tongue out a lot and watches what others do with their mouths
– he cruises around the house holding walls and furniture
– has has not figured out how to go down stairs. I try to show him but he thinks it’s just a silly game. file_003-10file_001-14file_002-15file_000-15file_002-10file_001-18file_002-13file_000-12

Zachariah at 2.5 Years Old

file_000-8Zachariah Daniel
75th percentile for height
50th percentile for weight
99th percentile for wild, sweet and silly boyfile_001-9Zachariah Daniel at 2.5 years old is quite the boy’s boy. He loves construction trucks and can name all of them while we are driving. And if we do not acknowledge his shouts of “bucket truck!” or “excavator!” he will continue to yell until we do. He loves planes and trains too. We were at a friend’s house the other night and there was an electric toy train engine. Zach would have played with that all night.file_002-6Zach now loves reading books! He sits down for a short time, or a long time when he’s getting tucked in for his nap and he’s stalling. His favorite books have pictures of trucks and planes. file_008Zach has a huge vocabulary. One that literally echoes his older sister. It is so great to be able to communicate more with him. He still gets excited at times and the words come out too quickly to be understood, but he has come a very long way since he turned 2. file_005-2Zach loves running and playing with dirt outside. He will dig in dirt or sand with his plastic construction trucks for long periods of time. He likes to play fetch where the parent throws the ball and he pretends to be the dog and bring it back. This is a great game for the parents. file_000-7Zach is a runner. He runs away at pretty much any opportunity–in church, at stores, on walks. He is still in a stage of needing to be strapped in whenever possible. He had a good week where he didn’t wander far from me at Target but that did not last. He also has an infatuation with turning light switches on and off and shutting doors. This can cause some problems when we disagree with his desires to turn the light on and off or shut the door. file_009Zach adores his older sister. He gets sad every day when he realizes Evelyn is at preschool. He always asks, “Where’s Evie?!” Though he usually gets to watch Truck Tunes while she’s in school and that pretty much makes his day. Zach and Evelyn play constantly when they’re both home. They love pretending together and chasing each other around. This is what siblings are for! file_000-20Zach weighs about 29lb and is very skinny, but one big muscle. He has got some major core strength and seems to be in training for some sort of wrestling competition… file_001-8I asked Zachariah some questions about his life and gave him a Smartie candy for each answer. The bracketed responses are my input.

What is your favorite color? blue
[he is really bad at identifying colors still–working on that.]

What is your favorite food? chocolate milk
[he likes bread, cheese, any fruit, cookies, chicken fingers]

What do you like to do for fun? drink chocolate milk
[play with Evelyn, build a train track, read his Richard Scarry truck/cars book, watch shows]

What makes you feel happy? candy
[playing with Evelyn, watching a show, especially Truck Tunes, getting treats]

What makes you feel sad? when he got his hands “burned” by hot water in the bath tub (he was not harmed, it was just a little hot before the cold water got added in)
[when Evelyn goes to preschool, when he gets in trouble, when he’s strapped into a chair of any kind, when Evelyn beats him to a task, when he fights over toys with Evelyn, when the movie is turned off]

Where do you like to go? the zoo and the plane museum
[also playground, children’s museum, walks, Chick-Fil-A]

Who are your friends? monkey at the grocery store (?)
[Evelyn and Caleb, Eli, Henrich, cousin Ethan, cousin Landon, Ada]

What do you like to do outside? play in dirt, eat candy outside
[follow Evelyn, play ball, swing, play monster with Daddy]

What do you like to do inside? inside monkeys, “doken” Mommy (doken is his made-up word)
[build a train track, run, tummy time/wrestle with Mom or Dad, watch shows, read books]

Who do you love? “doken” Mama candy hot hot
[he loves his sister, brother, mommy and daddy, and extended family, of course.]

What is your favorite song? piano, dump truck from Truck Tunes
[anything from Truck Tunes, Jesus Loves Me, Hush a Bye, Sleep]

What is your favorite animal? “doken” Mama
[dogs, foxy]

What is your favorite book? Monster Car book
[Very Hungry Caterpilllar, Goodnight Moon, anything with Cars, Trucks, Planes or Trains, Children’s Bible]

What is something I say to you a lot? other way
[gentle, stay with Mommy]

What is something Daddy says to you a lot? Halloween Candy
[hey buddy]file_006file_003-7

Caleb at Ten Months Old

file_002-8Caleb is a busy, and active boy! He is not full-on crawling yet but he definitely moves around. We love our little man, even as he gets older and more opinionated. He is a darling. file_002-9At ten months old, Caleb:
– weighs around 17.5lb probably
– sleeps 7:45pm-7am.
– naps 9:30-10:30am and 2-4:30pm typically
– wears 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
– eats any book made of paper. The only books that can withstand his chompers are the Indestructibles and bath books made of plastic.file_001-3– says a lot of “ah” words. Ba, Ma, Wa. Also a lot of boo. And lip buzzing.
– has 3 molars that have come in and one on the top that is in process. 11 teeth total.
– nurses once a day and has 4 bottles. I’ve decided to end nursing a couple months early due to several health reasons on my end. In short, I need some self care that cannot be accomplished while breastfeeding.
– played at a pumpkin patch, bounce house and visited the SAC museum while on family vacation.
– is getting stronger and stronger legs. He can stand while holding onto furniture for long periods of time. He likes to bounce and can cruise a little.file_003-5– tries to climb up the side of the bathtub. This does not ever end well.
– dressed as Sven for Halloween/Boo at the Zoo. Zach was Olaf and Evelyn was Anna. Everyone said “Awwwww” when they saw the trio.
– pulls up grass like it’s his job.
– figured out how to push himself up to a sitting position! This is great. It means that when he’s playing on the floor and wants to sit up, he can do it without crying for someone else. I love this kind of progress and development.
– still does not crawl forward. He does rock a lot on his knees and sort of violently lunges forward for objects but the true crawling motion has not yet started. Today I tried to tempt him without a cat jingling cat toy. He did his best but kept pushing himself back up to sitting instead of trying to crawl. He will also roll himself to where he wants to go. So, with all the scooting around he does end up several feet away from where he started, just not very quickly or efficiently.file_002-3– pulls himself up on his knees but not all the way to his feet.
– often sleeps on his stomach
– hate, hate, hate, hates getting in his car seat. He starts screaming when we’re standing next to it and he knows what’s coming. Usually he’s fine once we start moving.
– grunts/moans loudly while rubbing the tags on his taggie blanket. He’s very noisy and sounds disturbed, but it seems to comfort him! He does this when he’s falling asleep in his crib also.
– loves table food! He shoves in anything on his tray. Tonight we had chicken chili with cornbread. He gobbled it up. He loves fresh fruit too. He’s not so keen on many vegetables, except when they come in a fruit/veggie pouch. I think peas are his favorite in whole form.file_000-10– loves toys with doors/flaps. Especially doors that produce sounds. His favorite toy has probably been the fisher price little people barn. All the doors make animal sounds and he loves putting things down the barrel slide thing.
– watches what his big brother and sister are doing all the time and longs to chase after them. Zach has not figured out how to physically interact with Caleb without hurting him.file_000-12file_000-9file_004-6file_003-6file_001-13file_000-14

Caleb at Nine Months Old

img_6294At nine months old, Caleb:
– weighs 17lb 2.4oz (10th); length 27.5″ (20th); head 17.52″ (35th) (We think Caleb got the recessive genes from our families–blue eyes and short!)
– struggles with eczema where his skin naturally creases (neck, elbows, knees, wrists) but the new rx we got at his 9-month appointment has really helped.
– has 8 teeth still but is in the process of cutting a bottom molar on each side.
– drools a lot.
– can rock back and forth on his knees but does not move forward yet. He still scoots backward and gets stuck under things.
– has figured out that he can roll himself across the floor to get to the other side of the room. img_6305
– sleeps 7:45-7am
– naps 9:30-10:30am and 2:15-around 4:30pm.
– wears 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
– nurses 3 times a day and has 2 bottles. He eats a light breakfast (usually some cheerios on his tray) and solids at lunch and dinner. He loves shoveling food toward his face, and quite a bit of it goes into his bib pocket.
– likes hanging outside on a blanket watching Evelyn and Zach run around. He also loves pulling grass.
– loves playing in the bathtub and is fascinated by the running water.
– has a very ticklish tummy and loves being tickled.
– he’s also our only child who has smiled and laughed when tossed up in the air.
– babbles a lot now! And he says “MOM MOM MOM!” Haha! I win, Jacob! We also hear a lot of “ya ya” “ba ba” and “la la”img_6272