Evelyn at Five Years Old

We love our beautiful Evelyn so very much. She is such a delight. I am not even kidding. Yes, she’s a child who has her fair share of irrational tantrums and such, but she is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known. She sings all the time. She makes up words and/or tunes. She is constantly using her imagination to interact with everything around her. The grapes (or anything in sight) become Mommy, Daddy and the babies. She frequently walks around the house talking to imaginary friends. I have not heard specific names lately. I believe it’s a mixture of animals, princesses, and whatever else is on her mind. She is completely girly girly girly. She loves princess movies, stories, dresses, etc. She gets home from school and puts on a princess dress, swimsuit, or leotard and tutu nearly every day. Her brothers adore her. Zach follows her around and mostly obeys her commands when playing together. Caleb loves playing with Evelyn every afternoon in her room. He giggles at her silliness and lets her dress him in ridiculous clothes and put clips in his hair. She can be a very good helper when taking care of him by bringing his milk, snacks, or diapers to me. Evelyn goes to preschool at Golden Hills Elementary School four mornings a week. She has a wonderful teacher and gets to work on her social skills and learn new things all the time. We love her class and are excited for her to attend kindergarten there in the fall. And I cannot neglect mentioning that our dear Evelyn is such a book lover just like her Daddy. She can “read” by herself for long periods of time and wants to bring home every book from the library. I’m so glad she inherited this quality and I hope she is a lifelong reader. What is your favorite color? yellow, and pink and purple and blue, all the colors and white
What is your favorite food? spaghetti that I can suck up with my tongue
What is your favorite thing to do outside? play with my bike in the summertime
What is your favorite thing to do inside? draw pictures and count
Who are some of your friends? Emilie and Travis and Emiliano, I think Claire, Lily, not Travis and Xena
What is your favorite book? Peter Pan
What is your favorite movie? Peter Pan
What makes you happy? hug and kisses
What makes you sad? Zach biting me
What do you want to be when you grow up? a nurse
What is your favorite song? Aurora “I Know You” and Ariel “Under the Sea”
What is your favorite animal? ponies
What’s something you’re really good at? making pictures and making get well cards
What’s something you’re not good at? by making superhero capes. It would be hard because I don’t know how to get the shape of a WonderWoman cape.
What is love? by dancing and getting married and having cake and having a wedding
Who loves you? God and Jesus
What is something Mama tells you a lot? not leaving my lamp on and wasting it. Clean up my room after naptime.
What is something Dad tells you a lot? Time for pajamas
What is your favorite place to go? Cousin Clara’s house
What do you like about Zach? he likes princesses too
What do you like about Caleb? he was so cute when he came out at the hospital and I got to hold him
What do you like about Daddy? he likes doing tummy time
What do you like about Mommy? having you read me a story and having these pictures in my room and I love how you hug me, and that’s all of my things.

Caleb at Twelve Months Old

Oh, this kid. We love him, strange quirks and all. His smile is contagious and making him giggle as much as possible is a daily priority. He is a jovial and fun dude and our family is so grateful for him. We love you, Caleb! Happy First Birthday!img_8520At twelve months old, Caleb:
– weighs 19lb 14oz (10th); length 29″ (25th); head 18″ (25th)
– wears 12 month clothes
– sleeps 8pm-7:30am, usually. He occasionally wakes in the night and requires some cuddling.
– eats well and loves all food we give him. img_8609– crawls quite fast now.
– cruises everywhere. He can pull himself up on any furniture using his hands and head/face. The way babies bend their feet when they’re standing up from a kneeling position is so unique.
– walks while holding hands with an adult. He can walk short distances while only holding one hand but gets angry from all the balancing energy.
– has 12 teeth and it looks like the canines are probably coming next.
– loves playing with balls. He got several at Christmas and now chases them around the room.
– shrieks and squeals when he’s excited and when he’s playing. It’s very sweet, and very fun to see him playing with his older siblings. img_8614– does climb up 3-4 stairs at a time, before either tumbling backward or sliding down on his belly. I’m so glad he’s starting to figure out how to come back down.
– despises being put in his car seat, but calms down once we’re moving
– rocks his head and does a little dance when he hears music. It’s completely adorable.
– adores bath time. The splashing, running water, toys. He loves it.
– sometimes reads his bath time books in his bed when he’s woken up in the morning or after a nap. They’re chew-proof and perfect for his drooling and sharp teeth!
– plays for long periods of time alone. He loves opening drawers and doors in the play area and was enamored with the toy manger we had that lit up and played Away in a Manger. img_8505– chews on everything. He loves the coins from the cash register he got for Christmas and sucking on the plastic mallets from a small xylophone.
– says Mama and babbles a lot. He often gives a speech at the end of his meals.
– chases the cats around the house or off the master bed if I set him down to say hi to them.
– constantly moves around and explores his environment img_8561– is a hugger.
– bruises his head almost every day because he runs into things or tips over and bumps it. And he has a brother who sometimes pushes him over and he falls into bookshelves. We’re working on that.
– wants to pull or chew on all cords within his reach. The lamp cords are blocked by furniture, but he still tries to get to them. He has pulled down the small floor lamp that we have in our room several times. It’s falling apart now.
– definitely has a little temper. He bites when he’s tired or wants attention. I have bruises on my arms to prove it. But he is usually easy to calm down. I’m grateful for that.
– stayed with his grandparents in Hastings for several days while Jacob and I traveled alone. He did really well, and was very happy to see us return. file_003-14file_004-5file_000-14file_001-18file_002-11img_8577img_8549img_8534img_8543img_8610

Caleb at Eleven Months Old

file_003-9At eleven months old, Caleb
– weighs 19lb (5th percentile)
– is 27″ in length (5th percentile)
– wears 12 month clothing, though the pants get rolled up, and size 4 diapers
– sleeps 8pm-7am and naps 9:30-10:30am and 2-4:30pm
– has 5 bottles a day and eats three solid meals, though lots of the food he shovels ends up in his lap.file_000-21– loves that he can say Mama. He also says a lot of bah bah, yah yah, ahhhh, ooohhhhhh. He has yet to say Dada but we are trying to get that sound to come.
– has 12 teeth and hopefully can take a break cutting them for awhile
– can pull himself up to a standing position on certain furniture
– crawls all over now and can go up one step to another level
– can walk with the help of a walker or laundry basket
– thankfully has not started climbing multiple stairs
– is starting to have more positive interactions with Zachariah, his older brother. file_000-13– loves eating rotini pasta with red sauce or butter.
– cries when he gets strapped in the car seat but is usually calm once we’re driving
– is delighted to play in the bath tub and hold toys under the running water
– loves playing with balls and toys with doors or lights and music
– he gives slobbery cheek kisses still, and sometimes those turn into cheek bites. I have bruises all over my arms from when he comes up and bites me for fun. Ouch. file_001-12– likes to read books with texture and bright pictures
– longs to pet/grab the cats
– had fun at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. He followed his Dad into a gopher hole. It was pretty cute. And impressive that Jacob fit in there.
– has a very special relationship with his taggie blankets. He pets them and chews on them when he falls alseep in bed or is in the car. Along with that he does this loud groaning thing. And sometimes he pets his taggie and groans when he is asleep! It’s hilarious, weird and adorable. file_001-19– is getting more used to spending time in the church nursery
– sticks his tongue out a lot and watches what others do with their mouths
– he cruises around the house holding walls and furniture
– has has not figured out how to go down stairs. I try to show him but he thinks it’s just a silly game. file_003-10file_001-14file_002-15file_000-15file_002-10file_001-18file_002-13file_000-12

Zachariah at 2.5 Years Old

file_000-8Zachariah Daniel
75th percentile for height
50th percentile for weight
99th percentile for wild, sweet and silly boyfile_001-9Zachariah Daniel at 2.5 years old is quite the boy’s boy. He loves construction trucks and can name all of them while we are driving. And if we do not acknowledge his shouts of “bucket truck!” or “excavator!” he will continue to yell until we do. He loves planes and trains too. We were at a friend’s house the other night and there was an electric toy train engine. Zach would have played with that all night.file_002-6Zach now loves reading books! He sits down for a short time, or a long time when he’s getting tucked in for his nap and he’s stalling. His favorite books have pictures of trucks and planes. file_008Zach has a huge vocabulary. One that literally echoes his older sister. It is so great to be able to communicate more with him. He still gets excited at times and the words come out too quickly to be understood, but he has come a very long way since he turned 2. file_005-2Zach loves running and playing with dirt outside. He will dig in dirt or sand with his plastic construction trucks for long periods of time. He likes to play fetch where the parent throws the ball and he pretends to be the dog and bring it back. This is a great game for the parents. file_000-7Zach is a runner. He runs away at pretty much any opportunity–in church, at stores, on walks. He is still in a stage of needing to be strapped in whenever possible. He had a good week where he didn’t wander far from me at Target but that did not last. He also has an infatuation with turning light switches on and off and shutting doors. This can cause some problems when we disagree with his desires to turn the light on and off or shut the door. file_009Zach adores his older sister. He gets sad every day when he realizes Evelyn is at preschool. He always asks, “Where’s Evie?!” Though he usually gets to watch Truck Tunes while she’s in school and that pretty much makes his day. Zach and Evelyn play constantly when they’re both home. They love pretending together and chasing each other around. This is what siblings are for! file_000-20Zach weighs about 29lb and is very skinny, but one big muscle. He has got some major core strength and seems to be in training for some sort of wrestling competition… file_001-8I asked Zachariah some questions about his life and gave him a Smartie candy for each answer. The bracketed responses are my input.

What is your favorite color? blue
[he is really bad at identifying colors still–working on that.]

What is your favorite food? chocolate milk
[he likes bread, cheese, any fruit, cookies, chicken fingers]

What do you like to do for fun? drink chocolate milk
[play with Evelyn, build a train track, read his Richard Scarry truck/cars book, watch shows]

What makes you feel happy? candy
[playing with Evelyn, watching a show, especially Truck Tunes, getting treats]

What makes you feel sad? when he got his hands “burned” by hot water in the bath tub (he was not harmed, it was just a little hot before the cold water got added in)
[when Evelyn goes to preschool, when he gets in trouble, when he’s strapped into a chair of any kind, when Evelyn beats him to a task, when he fights over toys with Evelyn, when the movie is turned off]

Where do you like to go? the zoo and the plane museum
[also playground, children’s museum, walks, Chick-Fil-A]

Who are your friends? monkey at the grocery store (?)
[Evelyn and Caleb, Eli, Henrich, cousin Ethan, cousin Landon, Ada]

What do you like to do outside? play in dirt, eat candy outside
[follow Evelyn, play ball, swing, play monster with Daddy]

What do you like to do inside? inside monkeys, “doken” Mommy (doken is his made-up word)
[build a train track, run, tummy time/wrestle with Mom or Dad, watch shows, read books]

Who do you love? “doken” Mama candy hot hot
[he loves his sister, brother, mommy and daddy, and extended family, of course.]

What is your favorite song? piano, dump truck from Truck Tunes
[anything from Truck Tunes, Jesus Loves Me, Hush a Bye, Sleep]

What is your favorite animal? “doken” Mama
[dogs, foxy]

What is your favorite book? Monster Car book
[Very Hungry Caterpilllar, Goodnight Moon, anything with Cars, Trucks, Planes or Trains, Children’s Bible]

What is something I say to you a lot? other way
[gentle, stay with Mommy]

What is something Daddy says to you a lot? Halloween Candy
[hey buddy]file_006file_003-7

Caleb at Ten Months Old

file_002-8Caleb is a busy, and active boy! He is not full-on crawling yet but he definitely moves around. We love our little man, even as he gets older and more opinionated. He is a darling. file_002-9At ten months old, Caleb:
– weighs around 17.5lb probably
– sleeps 7:45pm-7am.
– naps 9:30-10:30am and 2-4:30pm typically
– wears 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
– eats any book made of paper. The only books that can withstand his chompers are the Indestructibles and bath books made of plastic.file_001-3– says a lot of “ah” words. Ba, Ma, Wa. Also a lot of boo. And lip buzzing.
– has 3 molars that have come in and one on the top that is in process. 11 teeth total.
– nurses once a day and has 4 bottles. I’ve decided to end nursing a couple months early due to several health reasons on my end. In short, I need some self care that cannot be accomplished while breastfeeding.
– played at a pumpkin patch, bounce house and visited the SAC museum while on family vacation.
– is getting stronger and stronger legs. He can stand while holding onto furniture for long periods of time. He likes to bounce and can cruise a little.file_003-5– tries to climb up the side of the bathtub. This does not ever end well.
– dressed as Sven for Halloween/Boo at the Zoo. Zach was Olaf and Evelyn was Anna. Everyone said “Awwwww” when they saw the trio.
– pulls up grass like it’s his job.
– figured out how to push himself up to a sitting position! This is great. It means that when he’s playing on the floor and wants to sit up, he can do it without crying for someone else. I love this kind of progress and development.
– still does not crawl forward. He does rock a lot on his knees and sort of violently lunges forward for objects but the true crawling motion has not yet started. Today I tried to tempt him without a cat jingling cat toy. He did his best but kept pushing himself back up to sitting instead of trying to crawl. He will also roll himself to where he wants to go. So, with all the scooting around he does end up several feet away from where he started, just not very quickly or efficiently.file_002-3– pulls himself up on his knees but not all the way to his feet.
– often sleeps on his stomach
– hate, hate, hate, hates getting in his car seat. He starts screaming when we’re standing next to it and he knows what’s coming. Usually he’s fine once we start moving.
– grunts/moans loudly while rubbing the tags on his taggie blanket. He’s very noisy and sounds disturbed, but it seems to comfort him! He does this when he’s falling asleep in his crib also.
– loves table food! He shoves in anything on his tray. Tonight we had chicken chili with cornbread. He gobbled it up. He loves fresh fruit too. He’s not so keen on many vegetables, except when they come in a fruit/veggie pouch. I think peas are his favorite in whole form.file_000-10– loves toys with doors/flaps. Especially doors that produce sounds. His favorite toy has probably been the fisher price little people barn. All the doors make animal sounds and he loves putting things down the barrel slide thing.
– watches what his big brother and sister are doing all the time and longs to chase after them. Zach has not figured out how to physically interact with Caleb without hurting him.file_000-12file_000-9file_004-6file_003-6file_001-13file_000-14

Caleb at Nine Months Old

img_6294At nine months old, Caleb:
– weighs 17lb 2.4oz (10th); length 27.5″ (20th); head 17.52″ (35th) (We think Caleb got the recessive genes from our families–blue eyes and short!)
– struggles with eczema where his skin naturally creases (neck, elbows, knees, wrists) but the new rx we got at his 9-month appointment has really helped.
– has 8 teeth still but is in the process of cutting a bottom molar on each side.
– drools a lot.
– can rock back and forth on his knees but does not move forward yet. He still scoots backward and gets stuck under things.
– has figured out that he can roll himself across the floor to get to the other side of the room. img_6305
– sleeps 7:45-7am
– naps 9:30-10:30am and 2:15-around 4:30pm.
– wears 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
– nurses 3 times a day and has 2 bottles. He eats a light breakfast (usually some cheerios on his tray) and solids at lunch and dinner. He loves shoveling food toward his face, and quite a bit of it goes into his bib pocket.
– likes hanging outside on a blanket watching Evelyn and Zach run around. He also loves pulling grass.
– loves playing in the bathtub and is fascinated by the running water.
– has a very ticklish tummy and loves being tickled.
– he’s also our only child who has smiled and laughed when tossed up in the air.
– babbles a lot now! And he says “MOM MOM MOM!” Haha! I win, Jacob! We also hear a lot of “ya ya” “ba ba” and “la la”img_6272





Caleb at Eight Months Old

file_000-6This kid is so much fun. He would probably sit on my lap and play and kiss me all day if I let him. He has his fair share of witching hour and evening tears, but keep him entertained and he’ll smile all day long. I cannot tell you how sweet it is when he and Evelyn are rolling around on the floor and they’re both belly laughing. Zachariah often wants to join in but does not yet understand that sitting on the baby’s face is not the same thing as what Evelyn is doing. Oh brothers. They’re going to have a good ole time someday. file_002-2file_004-2file_000-3At eight months old, Caleb:
– sleeps 7:45-7am
– naps about 9:30-10:30am, 2:30-4:30pm
– wears 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers
– had his first haircut.
– nurses 4 times a day, has one bottle, and eats in his chair at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has pretty much mastered the art of grab a pile of food and shove it in the mouth. file_004
– he likes any kind of carb a lot but does have lots of fruit and veggies too. Especially rotini with red sauce. Caleb tried pineapple and freaked out. I think he got a sour piece stuck on his tongue and he thought his life was over. Took awhile to calm him down.
– rolls around all over the floor. Pushes up with his hands and scoots backwards but does not rock on his knees yet or go forward.
– adores pulling hair and giving sloppy kisses
– sits up well but reaches for toys or objects and then falls over. Poor guy. Just can’t control that movement/gravity thing.
– can hold onto things, like rails on playground equipment, and stand for short periods of timefile_001-2
– now enjoys sitting on a blanket outside! I’m so glad he likes watching Evelyn and Zach run around being silly.
– has started sleeping on his stomach, I think. He seems to sometimes wake up mad that he’s on his tummy.
– loves cuddling his taggie blankets against his face.
– flew to Chicago and back with me to visit Uncle Dan, Aunt Katie, and cousins Clara and Ethan. He did pretty well on the flight out, though he refused to nurse, and slept on the flight back. We had a great time playing, walking and going to the Brookfield zoo.
– is very excited to play and splash in the bath tub. The running faucet water is especially thrilling. file_003-2



Caleb at Seven Months Old

IMG_4796IMG_4860At seven months old, Caleb:
– weighs around 17lb, I’m thinking
– sleeps 8pm-7 or 7:15am
– I’m trying to transition him to two naps a day instead of three. The goal would be a longer morning nap, awake through lunch and a longer afternoon nap. Getting all three to rest/sleep in the afternoon at the same time would be so magical. IMG_4808IMG_4862– Nurses 4 times a day. Has one bottle each day. Eats solids once or twice a day.
– wears 9 months clothing
– can roll over from his back to his tummy and vice versa. He does not push up onto his knees yet.
– has 8 teeth! Four front top and front bottom. Crazy kid. Such a toothy smile and I’m sure more are coming through soon.
– loves giving big slobbery kisses and grip oh so tightly to hair, and ears. Gotta keep his fingernails short.
– can sit up fairly well now! He still is apt to tip over but he can sit up for multiple minutes at a time, and that’s so great for him. He can now watch what’s going on around him and play more. IMG_4801IMG_4877– does not enjoy being outside, given that it’s been so hot. He does not understand why we would want to breathe such hot air and be so uncomfortable at any time.
– sleeps with a small taggie blanket. He loves cuddling it and holding it against his face.
– started solid foods! It really is fun to see his faces as he tries new things. So far he has had puffs, oatmeal baby cereal, banana, avocado, nectarine, sweet potato, applesauce and rice rusks. I’ve also let him suck on an apple slice and a snap pea. He thought the avocado was very unappetizing but seems to be comfortable with the rest.
– smiles a lot. Of course, he gets tired and impatient, or hurt by his brother and cries, but he is a very pleasant child.
– loves playing with Evelyn and really wants to play with Zach, but Zach does not understand/employ the whole concept of being gentle and not causing physical pain.
– loves chewing on all toys, fabrics, papers, etc.
– will probably be getting a hair cut in the next month. I love it, but I draw the line at when it starts getting in the eyes. I love the crazy hair though.
– splashes in the bath tub and is very entertained by the water.IMG_4798IMG_4869IMG_4875IMG_4783IMG_4787IMG_4855IMG_4768IMG_4765IMG_4767IMG_4819

Caleb at Six Months Old

IMG_4211Our super sweet, so chunky, little love, full of cheeks and thighs is six months old! We love him and his chill outlook on life soooo much. What a joy he is in our lives. IMG_4207At six months old, Caleb:
– weighs 16lb oz. 26.5″. He has big rolls in all places. They are delicious.
– sleeps 7:45pm-7am, unless he’s sick and coughing like he has been lately
– naps three times a day. 8:45-9:45am, 11:45-12:45pm, 2:45-4:30ish pmIMG_4258– is very interested in our water bottles and food. We will start solids soon and I think he will be very entertained.
– has completely outgrown his 6 month clothes and his mother has neglected to get the 9 month clothes out of storage. Must do that very soon ’cause things are getting really tight on his adorable tush.
– has recently made bath time very difficult because he is constantly reaching for his toes (i.e. trying to drown himself)IMG_4237– loooooves reaching for his toes and sucking them at all times possible
– laughs all the time at Evelyn and is starting to laugh more at Zach
– chews on completely everything. And his teeth are sooooo sharp. Trust me.


Even Caleb cries sometimes.

File_000 (2)

Happy July 4th!

– has so many teeth. Oh my goodness. He has his four front teeth and another that has already popped through on the bottom. One that is just starting to pop through on the front top. So, 6 total.
– has made big progress on sitting up but still quickly tips over
– likes standing with help
– visited the UNMC ER again at 11:45pm on July 4. He woke up with croup. It was not as severe as the last time but we were told to have him seen because of his age. He and I went to the hospital and hung out for 3 hours. He ended up recovering on his own while we were waiting to be seen by the doctor. He was still hoarse and sick the day after but we are glad he did not need breathing treatments or hospitalization.IMG_4226File_001 (1)IMG_4213